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The Most Common Laundry Mistakes When Washing Leggings:

  • Using the same old basic detergent: Traditional detergents were created to clean natural fibers, like cotton. They’re pretty good at that, but synthetics are a whole new game with a new set of rules. If you want to get science-y with it, synthetic fibers are essentially plastics. They’re extremely fine and tightly-woven, which is why they seem to “hold on” to dirt and stink. Ironically enough, a lot of that grime is “leftovers” from traditional detergents. 
  • Adding fabric softener or dryer sheets: Fabric softener is a big no-no for washing active wear. Don’t just take our word for it– check the care tag on almost any item of workout clothing, and you’ll see the warning against using fabric softener. But dryer sheets are also detrimental to performance fabrics. 
  • Washing and drying with heat: For some clothes, the dryer saves time. For some, it helps reduce wrinkles. But for workout clothes, neither of those are necessary. Leggings dry quickly and won’t show a single wrinkle if you just hang them up! Reduce the wear and tear on your high-end leggings with a nice drying rack.