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Dry Cleaning is a type of cleaning that involves the use of solvents other than water. The solvents can be chemicals such as Tetrachloroethane, Trichloroethane or Petroleum spirits. Typically, Dry Cleaning is recommended for delicate fabrics that cannot undergo water treatment without being badly damaged. 

Benefits of Dry Cleaning: 

  • Less damage to the clothes
  • Dry Cleaning dissolves difficult stains from the clothes such as grease and oil stains and much more 
  • Prevents shrinkage, loss of color and change of texture of the clothes. Faster than normal laundry and hence, saves time

Why switch to Dry Cleaning?

  • Dry Cleaning service involves special treatment to the clothes along with pressing 
  • Dry Cleaning removes almost all the difficult stains such as grease and oil stains 
  • There are chances of color bleeding occurring which can be reduced or avoided with Dry Cleaning 

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