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s the use of solvents other than water. The solvents can be chemicals such as Tetrachloroethane, Trichloroethane or Petroleum spirits. Typically, Dry Cleaning is recommended for delicate fabrics that cannot undergo water treatment without being badly damaged. 

Benefits of Dry Cleaning: 

  • Less damage to the clothes
  • Dry Cleaning dissolves difficult stains from the clothes such as grease and oil stains and much more 
  • Prevents shrinkage, loss of color and change of texture of the clothes. Faster than normal laundry and hence, saves time

Why switch to Dry Cleaning?

  • Dry Cleaning service involves special treatment to the clothes along with pressing 
  • Dry Cleaning removes almost all the difficult stains such as grease and oil stains 
  • There are chances of color bleeding occurring which can be reduced or avoided with Dry Cleaning 

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We really hope you will use or dry-cleaning services and really find the difference! 

The Most Common Laundry Mistakes When Washing Leggings:

ent: Traditional detergents were created to clean natural fibers, like cotton. They’re pretty good at that, but synthetics are a whole new game with a new set of rules. If you want to get science-y with it, synthetic fibers are essentially plastics. They’re extremely fine and tightly-woven, which is why they seem to “hold on” to dirt and stink. Ironically enough, a lot of that grime is “leftovers” from traditional detergents. 
  • Adding fabric softener or dryer sheets: Fabric softener is a big no-no for washing active wear. Don’t just take our word for it– check the care tag on almost any item of workout clothing, and you’ll see the warning against using fabric softener. But dryer sheets are also detrimental to performance fabrics. 
  • Washing and drying with heat: For some clothes, the dryer saves time. For some, it helps reduce wrinkles. But for workout clothes, neither of those are necessary. Leggings dry quickly and won’t show a single wrinkle if you just hang them up! Reduce the wear and tear on your high-end leggings with a nice drying rack. 

    r each load. Pet hair will usually be caught in the trap, but will remain in your dryer and on your clothes if the trap isn’t cleaned on a regular basis. Do not fold clothes on your bed or any piece of furniture that is typically occupied by a pet. Hang the laundry and put folded items away immediately, to avoid having pets use them as beds. Keeping pet hair off of clothes is an ongoing battle, but it can be won with persistence. If you lack the time or energy to fight the fight, contact 1ClickLaundry and let us help you. 


    maintaining a healthy place for your family and loved ones.  

    Thus, it is very important to remember that if an area is hygienic, people would love to keep it sanitary, if something is dirty, it will get dirtier. So it is always best to keep the surroundings clean. Keeping your home clean means contributing to the cleanliness of the whole community.  

    You may start considering to tidy your messy laundry. This does not only keep your clothes fresh, but it can take your stress away. With everyone’s busy schedule, 1ClickLaundry can help you manage your time and assist you with your home’s cleanliness which starts with your laundry issues.  

    What are you waiting for? If you are in a mess, don’t need to stress, call us and we’ll be happy to help. 


    over you when you know life is good and you can't help but smile. It all depends on you.

    There are some people whose happiness depends on others and there are some whose happiness comes from within. We cannot judge because we do not hold how one can be happy. We do not have any control over someone’s emotions and state of mind thus we do not have any right to question why others are happy with what’s not making yourself happy. 

    But with 1ClickLaundry, we can guarantee happiness with the  smell of fresh laundry. 

    Place your order now and feel the happiness that we are talking. 


    someone’s inability to see your worth. Always be yourself and the one who sees your worth will appreciate you for who and what you are. That means, just be honest with yourself- 

    In this way, being yourself comes with a price. People will judge you. Some people will like you, some people will hate you, and many of them will not even care about you. Sadly.  

    Plenty of people walk through life feeling as if they are always “putting on an act” for others. Sometimes we put on masks for others and hide our true face. We try to meet a lot of expectations. And we hide the parts about ourselves that don’t seem good.  

    We do this mostly for the sake of social appearances, reputation and acceptance because we consider it is very important to be recognized by others and to have strong relationships. So we think, "Why risk showing parts of myself, if that could mean threatening my relationships and losing people in my life?"  

    But you know what, with 1ClickLaundry, we care for you. We don’t judge by how dirty your laundry is or by how luxurious or inexpensive your clothes are. We accept and serve you with the finest because you are worth it. 

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