Bath Towels & Bedsheets

Sweating is the last thing you imagine yourself doing when you’re in deep peaceful sleep, but we sweat a surprising amount every night.

An average adult perspires around 25ml of sweat per hour. Add to that oils from the skin and the warm environment which is ideal for dust mites, and it’s easy to see how our beds can soon become a pretty filthy place to be.
How often to wash sheets generally depends on the circumstances. It is advised to wash your sheets and other beddings at least once every two weeks. If you find yourself exhausted or short on time to do this yourself, you can opt to use professional cleaning services such as 1Clicklaundry to handle it. This great cleaning service offers wash and fold options for your towels and bed sheets. For those allergic to dust mites, it is recommended to wash them at least once a week in water that is at least 54.4 Celsius to kill the dust mites.
Bath towels are the ideal living quarters for microbes such as bacteria and fungi. The water, warm air, and oxygen provide an ideal breeding habitat for the microbes. Using a towel over and over again transfers those germs back to your body. Towels should be washed after three to four uses.
When washing towels, the recommended water temperature is 60 degrees Celsius to kill bacteria. Avoid using fabric softener as it leaves residue on the towel making it less absorbent. 1Clicklaundry offers premium care for your towels at friendly prices. Call us at 70578900 for one of the best laundry service in Qatar1

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