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The Most Awaited Membership Savings is here!

Through the credibility of our brand, and through the many products and services we offered, 1Clicklaundry offers you the best way on how you can really save money especially in your laundry. Our goal is to give our customers the opportunity to select a plan that suits their needs.”  1Clicklaundry is an innovative organization always

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The Smart Laundry Technology

We all know that most of us are struggling to find a work life balance especially after a tiring day at work. We really hate to do laundry chores because it’s very time consuming and massive task.  In today’s world, everything is more convenient and accessible due to advances in technology across almost all sectors.

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Dry cleaning for a longer fabric life

The daily set of an outfit is a huge difference compared to those who needed dry cleaning, Everyday pieces of clothing typically cost less for you to get dry cleaned. In particular, a polo shirt, blouse or pair of pants will cost less to maintain because it is typically made of materials that are easier

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Let Us be your Style

Every woman has their own style, especially in fashion. It’s their outfits that give then confident and make them feel more beautiful.  For some it’s representation of them self and showing their identity. Fashion is completely transparent. It’s fun, creative and confusing sometimes. It’s never dies and never out of trend. Fashions from the past

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